Monday, November 28, 2011

Phattich Temple Preaching, Vientiane city, Laos

Early on Nov 18, 2011 (Oct 23, lunar calendar), Hoangphap Buddhists, together with nun Thích Nữ Đàm Ngọc (the abbess of Banglong pagoda), paid a visit to Phattich temple, Vientiane – the capital of Laos. The temple was headed by Ven. Thích Minh Nguyệt.

They were walmly welcomed by native and Vietnamese residents and then Ven. Thích Chân Tính’s Dharma lecture “Taking Refuge in the Triratna” was delivered.

The Triratna consisted of the Buddha, the Dharma and the Shangha, which were of much benefit to all beings. Three refuges needed perfecting both in practice and in ruling principles. In practice, lay Buddhists should have Buddha altars in their houses, recite sutras and go to pagodas regularly to receive monastic teachings. In ruling principles, there was a need to control their minds, develop good characteristics (kindness, compassion, joy, indifference, tolerance, effort, etc), purify the three karmas to seek Buddhahood. On the other way, it was neccesary to take Refuge in the Triratna and vow observance of the five precepts. All of them were inspired with more efforts into moral cultivation.

After that, a photo “Hoangphap Anniversary of Amitabha Buddha’s Birth in 2011” and 200 Dharma gifts were offered to the local Way Place.

The group had a friendly but formal lunch there on the occasion of the late abbess’ death anniversary.

In the afternoon, they visited Buddha Park and Charnuvong Park with Charnuvong king’s memorial facing Thailand and extending his arm to show peaceful goodwill.

Taken photos:

 Phattich temple 01

Visit Buddha Park
Visit Charnuvong Park
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Translator: Vân Trang

Phattich Temple Preaching, Vientiane city, Laos -

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