Saturday, November 7, 2015

Buddhism in Vietnam : Van Duc Pagoda

Buddhism in Vietnam : Van Duc Pagoda 01
Buddhism in Vietnam

Van Duc pagoda is located some 23 / 4 Road To Ngoc Van, Tam Phu Ward, Thu Duc district, Ho Chi Minh City.

The pagoda is located on a large land area, the harmony between architecture and landscape. Pagoda Architecture includes the gate, main hall and tower to worship the Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva .

Pagoda has three floors with blue tiled roofs . The angle of the roof decorates a stylized lotus, roof mounted the "two dragons ". Beyond the gate is a large yard planted with ornamental trees, bonsai, feels cool and calm. The left courtyard with green Bodhi tree. Opposite the Bodhi tree is a lotus pond. In middle, tower to worship the Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva floating on the water. Behind the pagoda courtyard trees are green, looks like a picture .

Van Duc pagoda was built with modern techniques. Main hall of Van Duc pagoda building 43.5 m high, is considered high pagoda hall today, from a distance looks like a nine-storey tower and two small five-story tower, but inside there are only two main floor . Upstairs is a Buddhist altar, with many windows, railing outside, inside enshrined Buddha Shakyamuni and Bodhisattva.

In particular, the main hall of Van Duc Pagoda has been established record of Buddhism in Vietnam, that is Pagoda has Vietnam's highest main hall.


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